Sărbătoarea creştină şi „abordarea” ei populară în opera Părintelui Simion Florea Marian

Father Simion Florea Marian, carrying out his activity at a time when the scientific foundations of folklore and ethnography were being laid, contributes together with other researchers of the time: B. P. Hașdeu, At. M. Marienescu, T. T. Burada, G. Dem. Teodorescu, M. Gaster, Lazăr Șăineanu and others, to increase the interest for popular culture, to expand its sphere, to increase the treasure by discovering and including in its research new aspects, and to find adequate methods for investigating sources. The work of Father Simion Florea Marian to collect and publish data on the Romanian folklore tradition occurs in the era of the first manifestations in the ethnographic field, when the methodology is established to make possible research on certain elements of folk culture. Father Marian's work is a conclusive example of the meeting of the various directions of understanding popular spirituality.