„Memoriile” sau cartea autodefinirii omului de cultură Valeriu (Bartolomeu) Anania

Our study wishes to emphasize, as much as the text allowed us, the contribution of His Eminence Archbishop Bartolomeu to the development of the memorialistic genre, on the one hand, and the perspective fiction-reality of the events presented in these Memories. This book, Memories, constitutes, with no exaggeration, the “calling card” of the scholar Valeriu (Bartolomeu) Anania. In it the author establishes a parallel between his personal history and the social one, between diachrony and synchrony, it is a work of rediscovery and re-reading from the inside of the events yet placed under the uncertainty of signs. Synchronization with history is not the focus here, but a synchronization with himself, a subordination to his own conscience and not the adaptability to the artificial rules of society. History must not be looked for within the pages of this book, but the sensitive man, Valeriu (Bartolomeu) Anania.