Nicodim Munteanu, discipol of the Holy Hierarch Iosif Naniescu

Nicodim Munteanu, the second patriarch of the Orthodox Church in Romania is one of the few direct disciples of Saint Joseph the Merciful. The Holy Hierarch was involved in the formation of his apprentice, modeling, financing and fighting for the promotion of young Nicolae, who later became Nicodim. Like the founding right, Saint Joseph not only helped Nicodim to carry out simple administrative functions, but invested in him his entire attention, developing him from a simple seminarian student, a true pillar of the Church. The financing of the studies, the promotion in the hierarchical steps and last but not least the training in the rigor of the hesychastic life promoted by Saint Paisie, by Veniamin Costache and by Saint Joseph were to help the young Nicolae throughout his life, and through him, the hesychastic heritage was about to continue. The present work is intended to be an historical incursion, during the late 19th century, a systematic and objective presentation of the main stages about the climbing of the monastic steps by the young monk Nicodim Munteanu.