History of the Journal “Theology and Life”

“Theology and Life. Journal for Christian thought and spirituality” is the periodical of Metropolitan of Moldavia and Bukovina, and appears constantly, quarterly or biannual, since 1924. Until 1990, the Journal had the following names: “The Metropolitan of Moldavia – Official Newsletter of Archdiocese Iasi” and “Metropolitan of Moldavia and Suceava”.

Journal “Theology and Life” is published by “Doxologia” Publishing House, former “Trinitas”.

Over decades, the Journal “Metropolitan of Moldavia and Suceava” provided academic information, in a pastoral-missionary or apologetic form, like studies and articles, monographs, pastoral letters, homilies and catechesis, translations, reviews etc. for theologians, historians, sociologists, musicologists, ethnologists and other specialists in human or technical domains. Articles of Journal “Metropolitan of Moldavia and Suceava”, written exclusively during the atheist communist regime, brought to Romanian literature then, in particular, and to the Romanian society, in general, important religious literary contributions, characterized by equilibrium and fairness, morality and dignity, keeping the Orthodox faith unchanged and the Romanian traditions authentic.

The prestige of the Journal “Metropolitan of Moldavia and Suceava” is due to the great theological and secular personalities who published over time in its pages: Patriarch Justinian, Metropolitan Iustin Moisescu, Metropolitan Sebastian, Metropolitan Nestor Vornicescu, Metropolitan Antonie Plămădeală, Nicolae Neaga, Petru Rezuş, Orest Bucevschi, Nicolae Chiţescu, Daniel Constantin, Nicolae V. Dură, Constantin C. Giurăscu, Ștefan S. Gorovei, Ioan Ivan, Constantin Nonea, P.P. Panaitescu, Scarlat Porcescu, Al. N. Stănciulescu-Bîrda, Milan Şesan, Emilian Vasilescu and many others.

Since 1990, at the initiative of Archbishop Daniel, Metropolitan of Moldavia and Bukovina, the magazine was named “Theology and Life” to reflect the theological-missionary and socio-cultural realities from Metropolitan of Moldavia and Bukovina. Starting this year, the Journal was listed in category B, having an active role in the international academic community, collaborating with numerous international magazines in France, Belgium, UK, USA, Italy, Spain etc. Its content has been enriched by the constant contribution of teachers from the Orthodox Theological Faculty “Dumitru Stăniloae” from Iasi and from Theological Seminaries of the Archdiocese of Iasi.

The pages of Journal “Theology and Life” show us articles signed by His Beatitude Patriarch PhD. Daniel (articles written during the period when he employed as Metropolitan of Moldavia and Bukovina), Rev.Prof.PhD. Ion Vicovan, Rev.Prof.PhD. Viorel Sava, Rev.Prof.PhD. Nicolae Achimescu, Rev.Prof.PhD. Petre Semen, Rev.Prof.PhD. Gheorghe Petraru, Rev.Prof.PhD. Ioan C. Teşu, Acad. Emilian Popescu, Prof.PhD. Vasile Vasile, Rev.Prof. PhD. Ioan I. Ica Jr., Costion Nicolescu, Rev.Acad.PhD. Mircea Păcurariu etc.

Journal “Theology and Life” contains studies that reveal concerns for exegesis and hermeneutic in biblical research, articles about archaeology and church history, documentaries, analysis and historical synthesis, systematic and practical theology studies, translations of the works of the Fathers and of the ecclesiastical writers, summaries of some national and international conferences, notable events of the Metropolitan, reports of the Diocesan Assembly, presentations of facts and figures from the life of the Church, reviews of theological books and articles published by the “Doxologia” Publishing House of Metropolitanof Moldavia and Bukovina or in other dioceses from Romania and abroad.

Often, the journal has thematic issues dedicated to specific events that Romanian Patriarchate or Metropolitan of Moldavia and Bukovina they celebrates, but also others theological subjects of general interest intended to respond better to the missionary concerns of its readers.

The articles were appreciated and quoted by many academics and researchers regarding the quality and rigor of scientific information. They evaluated the information from the Journal by academic standards.

Journal “Theology and Life” promotes the dialogue between theology and culture and offers a Christian answer to the challenges of contemporary society.