Partner international libraries

Libraries abroad that receive the journal through the exchange of publications:

1. Library of the Faculty of Catholic Theology, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium (exchange with Revue théologique de Louvain)

2. Library of the Catholic-Christian Church in Geneva, Switzerland (exchange with Présence Journal)

3. Library of the Civiltà Cattolica Institute, Rome, Italy (exchange with La Civiltà Cattolica Journal)

4. Ostkirchliches Institut Library, University of Würzburg, Germany (exchange with Ostkirchliche Studien Journal)

5. Library Center D'Études Œcuméniques Istina, Paris, France (exchange with Istina Journal)

6. Augustijns Historisch Instituut Library (Augustinian Historical Institute), Belgium (exchange with Augustinian Journal)

7. The library of the Institute “St. Vladimir’s Seminary”, “Father Georges Florovsky Library”, USA (exchange with St. Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly)


Libraries abroad that receive the journal independently, without exchange of publications:

8. National Library of the Republic of Moldova

9. Library of the Associated Theological Seminars, Georg-August University, Gottingen, Germany

10. “Fachbibliothek Theologie und Philosophie” University Library, Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich, Germany