Submitting a Translation

The translation will be made following the latest critical edition of the text, to be specified in the introduction. The responsibility for choosing the edition after which the translation was made rests with to the translator. The source text (in electronic format) will be presented to the publisher. Should words or paragraphs require to be typed in a specific font, the necessary file will be sent along with the main text.

The translator is responsible for the substance of the translated text, while the editor may intervene, if necessary, only as far as its form is concerned (grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors). The editor will notify the translator of both text omissions and defective translations.

The translation must be true to the original text, preferably a word-for-word translation, and will employ the normative Orthodox theological language.

The translator's own notes (referring to philological or interpretive issues) will be concise, to the point, and will have the mention “[n. trans.]. " These will be enclosed in square brackets.

The translation will have a brief introduction containing general information regarding the translated text: who is the author of the text, when it was written, the motivation, the recipients and a summary of the text, particularities, the novelty and specificity of the text, etc.

The translation of classical or patristic texts will be done from the original language. Therefore, a Greek text will be translated after its edition in Greek and not from a modern language. Such editions can only be consulted in order to overcome translation difficulties.

In the body of the translation, the number of footnotes will be located before the last punctuation mark (1. // 2; // 3? // 4! //), but immediately after the quotation marks of a quote (“...” 5.). In the case of a text that is a quotation in its entirety, the quotation marks will be after the last punctuation mark, but before the note (“...? /! /.” 5).

The general requirements of the Guide for Authors / Submitting an Article section above apply also for translations.