Material Quality Assessment Procedure

The "Peer Review" process to evaluate the quality of the manuscripts received for publication in the journal Teologie și Viață.


The participation and management of the peer review activities for the scientific evaluation of the journal abides by the scientific evaluation practices observed internationally.

In the preliminary phase, the process of evaluation in order to insure the quality of the submitted manuscripts has as its main objective the selection and inclusion of manuscripts in the field and theme of the issue to be published, in compliance with the norms, the instructions for authors and the features of the journal. The evaluation in this phase is completed by the effective attachment of the submitted manuscript to a topic of interest for the journal.

In the second phase, the evaluation of the scientific quality of a study is carried out independently by three reviewers, reputed members of the national and international scientific community, who will fill in a peer-reviewed report. The process of evaluation and review of the submitted manuscripts is based on rigorous analysis criteria, correct transmission of information and integrity of approaching the text by observing criteria of competitiveness and performance. The external reviewer completes the "peer review" report through the online instrument found on the journal's website. The coordinating editor is the liaison between the author and the evaluator. This is done through the double-blind peer-review process, meaning the author does not know the reviewers and they do not have information about the author. The evaluators are chosen from the list of external reviewers published on the Journal's website.

Evaluation criteria:

1. The matching of the submitted manuscripts with the Journal’s Aim and Scope.

2. The quality of the scientific content of the manuscript.

3. The degree of originality and novelty of the proposed topic and the approach.

4. The clarity and conciseness of the text of the manuscript.

5. The relevance and impact on the fields of study and the topics referred to in the manuscript.

6. The relevance of the bibliographic sources for the proposed topic.

Upon completion of the review process, authors will be notified whether or not the manuscripts have been accepted for publication. In the event of rejection of the manuscript, the review team will give reasons for its decision, and will in most cases recommend changes for future publication.