Submitting a Book Review

The review may or may not have a title, but the body of the review must be preceded by the technical data of the book: author, title (italics), publisher, place of publication, year of publication, number of pages, ISBN and / or ISSN.

The review should present concise but clear information about the author of the book (bio- and bibliographic information) and describe the context of its writing. A brief overview of how the subject has been tackled in literature, as well as a presentation of the particulars of the reviewed book, would be welcome.

The book under review must be from a field of study known to the reviewer. The review may cite passages of text from the book, but should not be reduced to a series of such quotations, nor should the reader be presented with a mere summary of the book. A review should include a critical analysis of the book and the subject, based on arguments relevant to the particular field of study or related fields. At the end, the reviewer must include his or her personal conclusions regarding the book and the subject.

The review reflects the personality of the reviewer and should be an invitation to read the book or to research the subject in detail.

The author of the review is requested to send a picture of the book cover in .jpg format to the publisher's email address. The review will not exceed 1500 words.