The Journal is distributed in Romania and abroad only by subscription/order. Upon request and as long stocks last, the Journal can be purchased individually.


The price for a journal is 30 RON and a subscription price for one year is 80 RON. For those who want to buy the Journal from abroad, the subscription price is 20 Euro.


To subscribe send your contact details at editura@doxologia.ro or:

Editura Doxologia

Str. Cuza Vodă, nr. 51

Iași, România

Also, you can contact us by phone at:

Tel. 0232/216693, Fax. 0232/216694


Subscription payment is made by bank transfer to the following accounts:

- For RON:

RO09BACX0000003010578000 opened at UniCredit Tiriac Bank, Subsidiary Iasi

- For EURO:

RO30BACX0000003010578010 opened at UniCredit Tiriac Bank, Subsidiary Iasi


Your request will be processed as soon as possible and you will receive the Journal by mail (paying postage).