Criza spirituală a societății postmoderne, apanaj al secularismului

The assurance of material comfort and mental comfort resulting from the full satisfaction of the former, doubled by the daily escape facilitated by entertainment and technology represent the main human concerns of the postmodern society. In addition, the compulsive desire to be up to date with what is new, with fashion trends, is satisfied by the accumulation of information form the media, but also by socializing in membership groups. Living in a confused and flattened spiritual horizon, lacking communion with God, the postmodern man is a follower of progressive ideologies, manifested by the phrase "politically correctness" (support for sexual minority rights, pro-abortion policy, assisted euthanasia, gender ideology, sex education in schools etc.). The media, technology and the virtual reality are the new “apostles” of postmodernism, which gradually transform the structures of the collective mind, by destroying its Christian foundations, into the idea of ​​creating the “new man” and, finally, the demonic “superman”, the last defiance and denial of God.