Comuniune, comunicare, conectivitate în învățământul teologic. Scurte considerații în vreme de pandemie

The following lines aim to achieve successively, sometimes simultaneously, the relationship of “the three C’s”: Communion, Communication, Connectivity. In other words, what does this period of social distancing teach us? It was imposed as a last resort by a virus which, although not visible to the naked eye is still shown in the number of victims of all ages. We will want to look for an answer to the question which inspires the research of recent years in the field of brain neuroplasticity or education: is learning optimised by the media or is it just the never identical surrogate, satisfactory only with deep and lively “face to face” interaction? How does the outside world recreate our inner selves through media and digital technologies? All these questions are addressed to theological  education, a field of study that, by vocation, is called to integrate with discernment the new in its experience – the result of a permeability that, through the Church, has always been open to the work of God throughout history.