Sensul metaforei grădinii în tradiția ebraică

2 Septembrie 2012

The garden is a symbol of order and life and we find this belief
in the entire Near East. Due to its properties, the garden is
considered a micro cosmos in which life flourishes and is regenerated;
it is the guaranty of Life and Regeneration. The Hebrew
Scripture reflects these beliefs by the examples of gardens, cultivated
or for promenade, places that embrace mystical and hidden
In the revealed text, the Garden of Eden appears first as a metaphor.
Beyond time and space characteristics, apparently inaccurate
or unknown to the author, but in reality permeated with a
special symbolism, Garden of Eden is the foundation of human life.
The garden will receive the religious connotation of „Paradise”
only during the editing process of Scripture and this meaning will
be repeated and used as a metaphor for the loss of innocence and
the quest back for it.