Principiul intuiţiei şi cel al motivaţiei din perspectiva pedagogică a Sfântului Vasile cel Mare

19 Decembrie 2011

As an apostle of Orthodoxy and messenger of the Holy Trinity,
as the Father of monasticism and of the Orthodox liturgy
and institutional philanthropy, but also as promoter of social and
moral progressby cultivating spiritual humanism and affirming
of integrated education, secular and religious, St. Basil is the model
of the Christian educator par excellence.
Education, in the doctrine of the great hierarch, achieved a
divine-human cooperation, reflected in the interpersonal communion.
Through an intuitive abundant language, revealing his
erudition and spirituality, the great hierarch valorizes the profane
education. After the statement of his friend and biographer,
Saint Gregory of Nazianzus, „his wisdom was made known to the
ends of the world”.
His exegetical, moral, educational and epistolary works are
ased on the text of the Church’s revealed Scripture, which is the
most obvious intuitively material.