Misiunea creștină în contextul dialogului interreligios

19 Decembrie 2011

This article aims to deliver an introduction within a very timely
topic from the theological and clerical point of view, namely that
of the Christian mission within the context of interconfessional
dialogue. In this respect, I have tried to underline some dilemmas
revolving between the duty to confess Christian faith and that to
respect religious freedom and freedom of faith for each human
being. No doubt that such an attempt represents a laborious process
of harmonizing the two points of view, which require strong
faith, a deepened level of study and openness towards a new approach
of the religious phenomenon. The Christian mission of today
must rely on a strong revelational argumentation and it must match
the requirements of the contemporaneous human being, as the opportunity
to sustain a dialogue with those who have not understood
yet the beauty and richness of the Christian theology cannot
be neglected anymore. From this perspective, the dialogue must be
advocated and delivered by Christians with the certainty that the
one and only Church of Christ represents the safe path towards
redemption and that it is the only one which displays a plenitude of
means of redemption, as the religions constitute for fellow Christians
a positive challenge to discover the fruits of the Holy Spirit’s