Lămuriri referitoare la scrierile autentice și la cele atribuite părintelui Arsenie Boca

Father Arsenie Boca, well-known as a spiritual father and hegumen of Sâmbăta and Prislop monasteries, left us four writings as spiritual inheritance: Cărarea Împărăției, Cuvinte vii, Scrieri inedite and Practica vieții monahale. The manuscripts of the mentioned writings are stored in the monastic settlement from Sinaia, where Father Arsenie passed away in November 1989. Besides these four, there are for sure others, but within the most recent restored writings, we can mention two articles published in Sibiu during his student period and the text of a clergy conference held in Făgăraș in March 1943. Unfortunately, over the years other writings were put under the name of Father Arsenie, writings that did not belong to him or whose manuscript version was later modified, and thus he did not assume them anymore. The original articles of Father Arsenie, as opposed to those attributed to him, are deeply spiritual, being written in a philokalic manner, which entitles them to be considered unique in the Romanian Orthodox sphere.