Înveșmântarea și goliciunea duhovnicească a omului. O viziune ortodoxă despre omul teofor

11 Septembrie 2012

The theological research “The raiment and the nakedness of the
human being An Orthodox vision on the anthropos theophoros”
written by the Rev. Lect. Dr. Adrian Dinu, analyses the human condition
in the context of the teachings of the Holy Fathers, focusing
on the theology of garments, present from the Genesis (the leather
garments), and consequently, the raiment in Christ performed at the
Baptism and the human nakedness attained through the sin.
The author presents the relationship between God and the secular
human person as a state of ontological sickness and the raiment
in Christ, begun at the Baptism, and continued through the
Mysteries of the Church as the natural growth of the human person
into the light of God. The vestment of grace of the Christian believer
is the presence of God in him/her and the token of the eternal
life in the Church.