Însuşirile Bisericii după Simbolul de credinţă niceo-constantinopolitan şi contextul creştin pluralist actual

19 Decembrie 2011

In this study we want to present from a theological and missionary
point of view, a comparative ecclesiology, the Church
attributes, as they have been formulated in the Nicene-Constatinopolitan
symbol of faith, as perceived and experienced in Orthodoxy
until today and to identify their actual confessional and
denominational perceptions.
The Orthodox Church is the faith ful guardian of doctrinal and
spiritual patristic heritage, is a space of a real sacramentality
and deifying communion with the Trinity present in the Church, a
partner in the ecumenical dialogue, respecting the choices of Christians
disconnected from her orher adversaries, but calling for a
critical reflection on true Christian plenary life in Christ and
Holy Spirit, for the unity and holiness of men, to be partakers of
the kingdom of the world to come, promised an prepared by Christ