Hirotonia episcopului în tradiţia ortodoxă — aspecte liturgice şi semnificaţii teologico-duhovniceşti

9 Iunie 2021

In our study, entitled The Ordination of the Bishop in the Orthodox Tradition – Liturgical aspects and Theological – Spiritual significances, we focused firstly on the liturgical services which take place before Ordination and The Ordination service itself as they are fixed by rubrics and reflected in The Book of the Ordination that is Arhieratikon. We continued trying to point out the spiritual and theological meanings of the most important moments of The Ordination and of those services which are related to it. Finally, we underlined the idea that through our liturgical services, ritual, gestures, vestments etc. we express and transmit to the worshipping people our orthodox faith. Knowing the meanings of the worship we are not anymore simple spectators in the church but active praying people taking deeper knowledge and gaining spiritual progress.