Formare spirituală și pedagogie în satul românesc — istoric, personalități, tendințe, probleme și soluții

7 Februarie 2020

The Romanian culture is closely linked to the development of the Orthodox Church in the territory. Christianity have been cultural influenced the Carpatho-Danubian-Pontic territory, combining religious ideas and beliefs in the Christian tradition, offering Christian-Orthodox culture to future generations. The Church's contribution to the cultural formation and development of the Romanian countries, and later of Romania, is recognized in history, the Romanian Orthodox Church, gaining this merit through the collective and continuous effort of its clergy and laity. The involvement of the clergy in the cultural development of the country has been achieved from the earliest times to the present day, and this has been achieved in a high percentage especially in the rural area, where specialized teachers later came to arrive. Thus, until the time of union between Cuza's time and later in the period of the kingdom, the priests dealt with the education of the country's sons, the teaching of various subjects, the much-desired textbooks for long-standing liturgical books. The recognized authority of the priest in the territory was to be spoiled during the communist period, and then surprisingly after 1989.