Violence in the Contemporary Islam

The aim of this study is to defend the historical truth that Islam has spread through violence by way of analysing four contemporary Muslim organizations which apply the literal interpretation of the Quran. The accusation of Islamophobia is too often used and not every commentary which criticizes Islam should be rejected as politically incorrect. The historical Muslim schools of law have eliminated the more extremist readings of the Quranic verses and of the ahadith about Muhammad. However, they could never stop the fundamentalist Muslims to try to implement in the world the teachings of the Quran and of the ahadith at face value. For example in Pashto the word “ṭālibān” means “students” and it refers to Mohammed Omar (1960-2013) and his recruits who were studying the Quran at various madaris in Afghanistan. It is known that the Islamic tradition rejects four of the most important Christian articles of faith: the dogma of the Holy Trinity, the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, His Resurrection and His Divine nature which is united to his Human nature while they remain “unmixed, unconfused, uncorrupted and untransformed” as the Eastern Orthodox Church affirms.