Caracterul psihoterapeutic al anaforalei euharistice

In this paper we will discuss how the Holy Liturgy, with an emphasis on the liturgical anaphora, has a role in the psychological healing from traumatic events. Based on principles, techniques and methods of psychotherapeutic practices, we will seek to demonstrate how the Eucharist has a psychotherapeutic role. Given that psychotherapy is not unitary, and that the treatment techniques are constantly evolving, only certain principles that are generally valid and accepted in scientific society have been addressed here. In the first part, we will examine how the comprehensive eucharistic anamnesis is a model for the individual anamnesis of the believer. Forming an anamnestic picture in which traumatic events are integrated is essential for healing. In the second part, practical techniques used in psychotherapeutic practice and how these are actually perfected in the Eucharistic liturgy will be examined. The thesis we argued is that the Church and its Liturgy is the perfect ground to heal all traumatic experiences.