Asistența socială la nivel de slujire colectivă. De la Patriarhul Iustin Moisescu până astăzi

The paper in question comprises a dual reeption aspect. On the one hand, we talk about the reception of the Church in the European space and on the other hand, we talk about the reception of social assistance within the Romanian Orthodox Churc. It is the social assitance that, through Patriarch Iustin Moisescu, but not only, has known primary values with is the structures of the Romania Patriarchate. In the following we will talk about the relationship between the traditional aspects of the Church and the modern requirements. Indeed, perhaps, seemingly paradoxically, we tend to say about social assistance that has nothing to do with ecumenism, but we will see in the following that all the foundations of social assistance for the Romanian Orthodox Church are extracted from the manifestations of the other churches called sisters in relation to the company they represent. The person of the Patriarch Iustin is extremely important in identifying the social activities that the Church has omitted or which was not as plenary as during the pastorate of the Patriarch Iustin.