Strategia națională de educație parentală 2018-2025. Implicații juridice, pedagogice, ideologice și etice

19 Octombrie 2021

The family and its educational roles are the subject of the latest psychological, sociological and pedagogical studies, which analyze modern educational concepts such as parenting and homeschooling. The knowledge, skills and abilities of parents manifested in the activity of education and upbringing of children, as well as in overcoming the critical situations that occur in this process are called parental competences. This quality, in the conception of modern specialists, becomes educable by talking more and more frequently about the ability to become better parents and about the innovations that support the formation approach within the family. All these principles are known under the name of parental education. The Romanian educational space analyzed the difficult situation in which the Romanian family finds itself and the difficulty with which it carries out educational activities, and developed a plan based on education called National strategy of parental education 2018-2025. However, the parenting strategy is proving to be a new way of developing the postmodern principles of the European agenda.