Some challenges and problems of Orthodox Theology in Modern Georgia

Georgia is an ancient country located in the Caucasus region, which has left its mark on the history of the Orthodox Church. This article deals with the situation of Orthodox theologians and theology in modern Georgia, the challenges they face and the reasons for all of this. The first part of the article refers to three distinguished Georgian theologians of the twentieth century, namely - Grigol Feradze, Ioane Kvatchadze and Elia Melia, their life path, work and academic career. It is worth noting the fact that all three of them created their academic heritage outside of Georgia, and because of the Soviet authorities, they were not given the opportunity to use their talents and skills in their homeland. In the second part, the thoughts of Mrs. Tamara Meskhi have already been con- veyed. Ms. Meskhi, from 1978 to 1993, worked as a lecturer of Greek language almost continuously first in Mtskheta and then in Tbilisi theological seminary. Ms. Meskhi is a direct eyewitness of the history of the main theological schools of modern Georgia and recalls the interesting details that might be interesting for the readers. At the end of the article, author talks about the general and main challenges that the Georgian Orthodox Church has and the main steps that need to be taken to solve them.