Sfaturi practice ale părinților filocalici cu privire la îmbunătățirea atenției la rugăciune

Philokalia authors, in their writings when talking about the practice of prayer, often mention how every Christian who cares for the spiritual life and for growing in the likeness of God can gain a better focus on prayer. From the words of the fathers, I have chosen eight practical exhortations by which a Christian can improve his attention to prayer: [1] peace through silence, restraint, vigilance, humility and patience, [2] reading books or texts that can lift the mind to spiritual meanings, [3] uttering words with vigilance, [4] mindfulness and repetition of words that have been spoken carelessly, [5] introducing a slower rhythm, [6] ignoring distracting thoughts, [7] identification eith the words read, [8] constant effort, ascetism (negative and positive) and God’s help.