Rugăciunea — cuvânt și gând

In the spiritual life, the problem of the thoughts emerged when one is praying, it constitutes a central theme. The possibility of the prayer, as not-scattered and clean prayer, it depends on the victory of the one who prays, obtained in his fight against thoughts. But what the thoughts are? Called in Greek language logismos (λογισμóς), some thoughts belong to the thinking faculty of the man, and others are only manifested through this faculty, because they belong, actually, to somebody else than the man. The genesis of the thoughts, during the time of praying, it must be searched in the interference amongst the three will and liberties, respectively, amongst: the action and the freedom of the man who prays, the action and the freedom of God Who is called through prayer, and the action and the freedom of the devil that intervenes, subtly, or sometime, brutally, in the man`s prayer.