Reprezentările iconografice în dispozițiile canonice ale Sinodului Trullan (691-692)

The holy icons, although belonging to the Church, haven’t found their place in church’s theory and practice until during the 7th and 8th centuries. A crucial role was played by the first iconoclastic echoes, as well as by the Church's desire to regulate some important, but still unsolved issues, such as iconographic representations. Thus, by means of canons 73, 82 and 100, the Council of Trulan did nothing else but to clarify the problems related to the iconographic representations. It is certain that after 692 many issues are solved, but at the same time, many others will appear, especially related to relics

and the iconoclastic movement. It will be up to future councils to define and elucidate what the Council of Trulan has just initiated: a small step of a major significance.