Preotul Nicolae Sandovici — deșteptător al neamului în Proboteștii Herții sau „satul părintelui Nicolae”

6 Iulie 2020

This study acknowledges the true value of Father Nicolae Sandovici’s name, by bringing him to light, with his struggles and humanity, as an important personality from Dorohoi and priest in Probotești village, Herța region and former Dorohoi county, today part of the area surrounding Cernăuți, Ucraine. Father Nicolae Sandovici truly fought, not only by his speeches but also by his actions, for the improvement of his people's lives, for the economic and cultural development of Probotești village, for preserving the traditions, the customs, traditional costumes and native language. He built his life on work and truth. He believed that the school and the church were the ones to diminish the evils and to reach civilization. According to him, the priest and the teacher should have worked together to fulfill these goals. From a socio-economic standpoint, Nicolae Sandovici’s name is primarely connected with the Land Retribution Act for the people of Târnauca. In the language spoken in those times in Dorohoi County, Probotești meant Father Nicolae's village. Due to his actions they had a beautiful, well preserved  church, a library, a meeting place, a radio and a cinema. Probotești village was a model for all the other villages in Dorohoi County.