Preoții misionari din spitale — mesageri ai bunătății în mijlocul suferinței

27 August 2020

In our country there are many charitable priests who carry out their activity in various hospital units and who consider the pastoral care of the suffering believers. Missionary pastoral care in hospitals differs from missionary pastoral care in other institutions, but it has the same purpose – to save people. In 1995, a protocol was concluded between the Ministry of Health and the Romanian Patriarchate, through which, the priests could be employed in the public health system. The missionary priests of charity are meant to provide religious assistance to both the sick and their families. Also their pastoral care also branching out to the medical staff, the employees and all the hospital staff. The presence and missionary activity of the priest in the hospital helps the patients to hope and believe that the Great Healer of souls and bodies, our Lord Jesus Christ, will fully restore their health, so that with joy they may return.