Preoţii Dumbravă din Popeşti (Vaslui) (1647-1945)

In the northern part of the former Vaslui county, in  Codrii Işilor, once began the estate of Popesti with its Pocreaca and Popesti villages, stretching across the valley from the source of the Vaslui(et) creek up to the territorial limits of the Pribesti village. South of Popesti there was a wooden church. In the middle of the estate, in the valley of the Trestiana stream, the Trestiana Monastery could be found, where the yeomen built another church aut of oak beams (in 1744), during the reign of the voivode Ion Neculai (Mavrocordat). Future generations would build another church aut of brick and stone, in Pocreaca (in 1853), on the site of the wooden one, brought from Popesti. The priests of those three churches, as well as of other churches in the surrounding villages, were members of the Dumbrava family of yeomen in which this responsibility was passed from father to son or son-in-law, a fact confirmed by historical sources spanning three centuries (1647-1945).