Patimi ale lumii contemporane: dependenţa de internet şi mijloace de eliberare din robia ei

19 Octombrie 2021

Tech is one of the most fascinating descoveries of the human mind, which is in a continuous progression. Mooreʼs Law states that tech doubles its capacity at about 18 months. On the one side, when tech is used rationally, it becomes a tool that makes our lives easier and more enjoyable. On the other side, if it is used without discipline, without a fine moral selection of its contents, tech develops various addictions. Specialists state that between 5-10% of its users develop such an addicting behavior and the target population for this matter includes children and teenagers, whose discernment and self-control are not, yet, fully developed. Christian Spirituality teaches us how to keep our moral liberty and how to act in a responsible way towards tech, thus helping us understand that tech must be used as a tool, providing us with high quality information, useful and not enslaving us to its damaging power.