Mintea și rațiunea — posibilități diferite de cunoaștere. Problematizare catehetică

The knowledge of the divine does not exclude the knowledge of the world, nor does the knowledge of the world replace the knowledge of God. A conflict between reason and mind arises only when it is reason, or the mind (or heart) no longer acts in specific frames. In the present study we try to see some of the liturgical, catechetical, pastoral drifts that can be reached when the clear distinction between mind and reason is not taken into account. The liturgy is not a space dedicated to theological information, but it proposes a different type of approach to knowledge. The liturgy of the word is also part of the liturgy, but the ultimate goal of the service is to enter into the suprarational mystery of God. The world, as a whole, becomes the slave of abused reason, forgetting that reason is limited and can only provide a glimpse of understanding reality.