Mărturii biblico-patristice despre Întruparea Cuvântului. Comentariu dogmatic la Articolul II din Crez

The Orthodox Creed represents the full confession of the Church, summarizing the whole dogmatic teaching. In the Second Article of Creed we can find the coordinates of the Christological dogma. Therefore, the understanding of the biblical and patristic coordinates is very important for any apologetic attitude in the confrontation with the secularism and atheism. Moreover, the correct understanding of Christological ideas is also a necessity for each Christian believer. In this way, our study tries to discover the apologetic and dogmatic background of the Orthodox Creed in his Christological content. The Incarnated Logos is thus the “Light from the Light, true God from true God” and in this belief all the Christian people “wait the Kingdom of Heaven and the life of the coming eve”.