Maica Domnului în scrierile apocrife atribuite unor personalități vechi testamentare (II)

27 August 2020

The Testament of The 12 Patriarchs, Solomon's odes, Isaiah's Ascension and even lives of the prophets are the oldest testimonials supporting the idea that Virgin Mary has been glorified from the end of the 1st century. So this does not remember only about the Birth of the Savior from the Virgin Mary, but also emphasizes her exceptional innocence. Moreover for this reason the 19th ode of Solomon's is known as the oldest hymn in her honor. Also the Isaiah's Ascension is the oldest text, according the New Testament, that describes the Birth of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary's role in this. This article is an incursion in a few of the oldest Mariological texts, that show the love that embraced the Virgin Mary since the beginning of Christians.