La granița umanului sau pe marginea prăpastiei neantului. Reflecții morale asupra viitorului ființei umane, în lumea digitală

20 Ianuarie 2021

The study analises some of the effects produced by the transhumanist ideology on life and on human beings. Alongside the unprecedented digital progress, brains from Silicon Valley take into consideration the augumentation of human beings, firstly through implants and finally through the fusion between AI and humans. The author emphasizes the Christian conception according to which technology, on its own, it is neither good, nor bad, but neutral. It is up us to give it a meaning, thus being either an instrument which promotes life and moral values, or a selfish dimension. The author centres the emphasis on a wiser and evolved spiritual approach on the matter of thechnology, thus offering the reader a perspective on rediscovering the profound  human values and a premise of using technology in a more purposeful and beneficial manner.