Expunere comparativă între „Imnele Arătării Domnului” ale Sfântului Efrem Sirul și creația baptismală „Odele lui Solomon”

13 Ianuarie 2020

What we want to highlight through this study is that the Syrian world was the main supplier of the enthusiasm for the spread of the mystery of Christianity on earth, imprinted in the hymns of those who were inspired by the Holy Spirit and became harps of Christian chant, and gave birth to the hymnography later. The similarities between the two creations we will analyze will highlight two aspects. First, the fact that the baptismal language of Saint Ephraimʹs hymns is close to that of the Odes of Solomon, this being a strong argument in favor of the view that the Odes has a baptismal character. Secondly, from the examples we give, it appears either that Ephraim and the author of the Odes speak a common baptismal language, or the fact that Ephrem in his approach inspired from the Odes of Solomon, the aspect of synodality being present from the first moments of Christianity, between the Christian regions and from here with all the Christian world.