Unpublished Testimonies about the School for Church Singers from Piatra Neamt

24 February 2014

This study is a short monograph about the School for church singers from Piatra Neam], which operated for more than seven decades (1869-1942), in order to prepare church singers for the parishes from Neam] County, but also for the parishes in regions further away, as we signaled in the following pages. The outstanding personality of this school remains the Psalt, Professor and Director Nicolae I. Barcan (1841-1912), who devoted most of his life to interpretation and church music pedagogy, training for more than four decades hundreds of students, most prospective psalts at various churches and other prospective mentors within the schools for church singers Nowadays, the school in Piatra Neam] represents a notable example of dedication in the field of religious music, reinforcing our belief that moral and material support of church music education undoubtedly contributes to the development of our Church's missionary activity.