Un profesor de Teologie puţin cunoscut: preotul profesor dr. Ioan Zugrav (1893-1982)

23 February 2014

The Faculty of Theology in Chernivtsi was one of the most famous institutions in our country and beyond. Among the teachers here, Father Ioan Zugrav occupies an honored place. He was Professor in Chernivtsi during the last decade of the faculty, from 1938 to 1948. Showing a particular aptness for the historical theology, Father Ioan Zugrav has dedicated his doctoral research to the attempts for ecclesial unity made from the council of Lyons (1274) till council of Florence (1439). After some studies for specializing in the history of the church, he published numerous articles with a predominantly historical, but also liturgical or pastoral character, thus making a significant contribution to the history and life of the Church in Bukovina. Because has been scarcely about Father Ioan Zugrav, this study aims a moral and scientific recovery of the memory of which that served the Church and the theological education in Bukovina. The study presents his life and his scientific work, emphasizing the period when he worked as a professor in Chernivtsi, when he published his writings in „The Candle”, the Journal of the Metropolitan of Bukovina.