Theophany of Baptism as Place of Glory. From Garments of Skin to the Christomorfph Organism through baptism

1 September 2012

The Savior has given to the human nature, through His Baptism, the new birth in Spirit to which Adam was called, but from which he has been removed by his sin. The baptismal immersion signifies enhypostasiation in Christ and a pnevmatic-energetic irradiation. Since our study is limited to the significance of the Sacrament of Baptism, we will analyze the energetical union, especially the energetical aspect of the union between the indefinite mobile energy of the original water and the flow or the energetical fluidity of the Holy Spirit as „power of continuous forming of the existences”. The soteriological refunctioning of the biological hypostases in the new personal existence acquired through baptism is a „dynamic refunctioning” accentuated (eine kraftvolle Refunktionalisierung). The new existence, the energy, life, knowledge and our new will, the whole hristomorf organism transfigured with spiritual senses and gifts of the Holy Spirit which represents new ways of functioning, form the new man in Christ. According to Palamas, God is „the form in forms that originated forms” (εἴδος ἐν εἴδεσιν ὠς εἰδεάρχης). In Him are given virtually,prefigured and concentrated all the forms. He offers the subsistence through the communion with Him as an irradiation of light. Irradiation is God’s way of entering into an interpersonal relationship with His creation.