If it’s true that the fact of being a Christian consists in the manner of reporting us to Christ, we must admit that Christ himself first reported to us, choosing to absolutely discover himself opening us thus the possibility to know Him. Seen and understood as a manifestation of the Father’s Lecture, the icon becomes art raised in Jesus, not a sign, not even a manifestation, but a symbol of the presence, liturgical vision of the Secrecy embodied in human shape. Established on the writings of the Saint Parents, the present study highlights the profound link between Jesus’ icon and the Secrecy of His Incarnation whereas even in His act of becoming human, lays the possibility of imagining Him on an icon. Thus, all the salvation’s theology knows its origin in this act of God’s kenosis and only by articulating it in theological plan we succeed in reaching the profound learning of the human’s divinity present in the Orthodox Church.