The report and the unity of the Divine Eucharist and the Sacrament of Matrimony

5 April 2012

This study wants to point out and to underline once again the
importance of Holy Communion in the faithful life; without which
they cannot purify themselves, nor redempt from a spiritual point
of view.
The material presented also emphasizes the sacred value of
this unbloody sacrifice, which is Holy Communion, a sacrifice
brought by Our Lord Jesus Christ, who brings Himself for us and
for our redemption, thus reminding us of His Sacrifice on Golgotha,
but in a spiritual way, in and through the Church which we
make up and must obey and which is actually led by Jesus Christ-
Its founder.
This material reveals the unbreakable and reciprocal relationship
between Holy Eucharist and Church, between Holy Communion
and the other Holy Mysteries of the church, as a source of the
holy blessing of the saints over people. It emphasizes the role of
Holy Eucharist which makes possible both the communion between
God – Jesus Christ, the human – and people but also the communion
between people who are the members of the church and
who make up its Body, as Jesus Christ is its Head.
This study is based on different quotations from The Holy Bible,
whose role is to emphasize those mentioned in it, and which are
part of the spiritual treasure of the Church, as well as the Church
is blessed by Jesus Christ through its servants: the priests. This
precious treasure, from a spiritual point of view, which is Holy
Eucharist, provides us all eternal life in the Kingdom of Heavens.