The Relationship between Christ and the Holy Trinity during His earthly activity

12 May 2011

The rationale of the present study is to analyse and underline the eternal relationship between the historical Christ, as the Son of God and the other two Persons of the Holy Trinity – during Christ’s public activity and his life as a human being. Exclusive of any uncertainty such a study it is only one link in the complete ‘chain’ of theology, and it only attempts to offer a standpoint of the complex dogma regarding the Holy Trinity, as well as the manner in which these Persons are developing a continual liaison with the humanity. Furthermore, I will show that Christ has never acted as an individual God during his human activity, but in a strong connection with the Father and the Holy Spirit. In other words, there is a dynamic relationship of eternal love in God, which is revealed with the purpose of offering the man a model of how it should answer back to this love.