Pious Saint Paisie of Neamț and Metropolitan Veniamin Costachi

Metropolitan Veniamin Costachi, from a very young age, wanted to become a member of the hesychastic community from Neam , led by Pious Saint Paisie Velicikovski. Later, after apprenticing under Metropolitan Iacov Stamati (himself a monk from Neam , from the community that had preceded the coming of the Paisian monks to the Monastery), he became a member of the Paisian community from Neamt, where he met Pious Saint Paisie, took many spiritual teachings from His Holiness, became obedient to the staretz and extended the model of life from the Neam community to the diocese he led, and then to the entire Metropolitanate. The attitudes and deeds of the entire life and activity of the Romanian Metropolitan, disciple of Metropolitan Iacov and member of the Paisian community from Neam , will shape his image in posterity as a man of hesychast prayer and European founder.