About the Library of Neamt Monastery we don’t have much information. Unfortunately, the considerations on the importance and value of the library of Neamt Monastery for the springs of our religious culture need to be limited, on the one hand, to study the collection of manuscripts and documents preserved at the Library of the Romanian Academy, and, on the other hand, to study the few manuscripts that still remain today in the Library of Neamt Monastery, various records made in the past about this library, before and after the fire in 1862, when, at the same time with the monastery, most precious books and manuscripts were burnt. Through the loss of this priceless treasure it was lost one of the cultural links which ensure the continuity of cultural and spiritual activity of monks from this great monastery. The study highlights the importance that the monks of Neamt Monastery have given for purchasing, copying and preserving a rich cultural treasure: the Library of Neamt Monastery.