Islamic Revivalism. Renewable Trends

This study aims to examine three modern Muslim reform movements and to assert that all the violent Islamist groups are sincerely trying to use the Quran as a guide on how to rule a society. The spread of Islam through conquerings was legitimized by the Quranic text. The fact that Muhammad has preached Monotheism is not enough to allow us to liken Islam to Christianity. The aggresive ethos of the Muslim culture is confirmed by the numerous contemporary terrorist Islamic organizations. The scholars who criticize the Quran for its verses which incite to war and killings should not simplistically be accused of Islamophobia. The Islamic tradition denies the most important elements of the Christian faith. Muslims reject the faith in the Holy Trinity, the belief in Christ’s two natures (one human and one Divine) and the historicity of His Death on the Cross and Ressurection. There is no reason to draw any parallels between Islam and Christianity. Most of the Biblical stories which are retold in the Quran have their meaning distorted because of the Islamic aim of denying the dogma of the Incarnation. The Eastern Orthodox Church cannot see Jesus Christ otherwise than as simultaneously God and Human, not just a prophet, but the Creator of everything.