Holy Tradition — between sectarian challenges and orthodox teachings

14 April 2017

A key feature of theology and of the life within the Church is represented by the Holy Tradition, one of the two safe pathways or methods through which the divine Revelation was revealed, having its unique source in the Being of Our Saviour Jesus Christ. Next to the Godly Bible, the Holy Tradition of the Church faithfully preserves, keeps and bears witness to the one and the only divine supernatural Revelation, though in its own or specific way, namely it becomes the living and dynamic conscience of the Church. However, the consequences of the Protestant Reform and the sectarian thinking resulted in a fierce challenge against the Holy Tradition, manifested on the background of misinterpreting of the genuine meaning of the Bible, by failure to accept the revealed truth as presented within Orthodox teachings, as the sectarian movements neglect and totally ignore the Tradition of the Church. This study underlines the specific feature of the Holy Tradition, the fact that it represents the original form for conveying the redeeming and revealed Truth.