Holy Hierarch Ilie Iorest, confessor and defender of Orthodoxy

In 2014, proclaimed from the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church as „Commemorative Year of the Holy Martyrs Brâncoveanu”, the commemorating of the Holy Hierarch and Confessor Ilie Iorest occupies a special place. Ilie Iorest was Metropolitan of Transylvania between 1640 and 1643, living in the same religious context of the seventeenth century, as the great Ruler Prince Constantin Brâncoveanu. Although he served only three years, the Metropolitan Ilie Iorest was a great Confessor of Romanian Orthodoxy among Calvinists, through the hierarchical care for the clergy and people, the ministry of the Church sacraments and services, publishing of teaching and worshiping books, the call for preservation of national and religious identity. He is a holy confessor, in which was embodied the confession of Church itself, the confession of Romanian orthodox people. The Holy Hierarch and Confessor Ilie Iorest is representative of sacrificial Transylvanian spirituality, but, although he bears the seal of the Church beyond the Carpathians, the seal of her history, it bears in reality the seal of whole Orthodoxy spirit, in its indestructible unity which is Christ.