This article attempts to bring into discussion the chance of healing the human being through one of the most important Mysteries of the Church, namely the Holy Confession. The subject is dealt with starting from the assumption that, nowadays, the human being has the possibility to regain his/her health through a clerical type of therapeutics. Thus, one could see easily that healing may be achieved by recovering “the Self”, by honest admission of own sins in front of a praying confessor, through a Christian attitude and by practicing virtue in daily life, with the conviction that the healing of the soul represents the exclusive gift from the Son of God, to be provided through the Church. As a result of this type of therapy, two effects become visible: the first consists in the absolution of sins and in reinstating the repentant into the state of grace that he/she had fallen from, and the second one is represented by the freedom and opportunity to receive the Eucharist, as a form of spiritual food for the soul thus healed.