The healing value of the word in the relieving of human suffering

The Christian faith expresses that the thoughts and the words are effects of the fall. In Paradise, the man was in an ontological bond with God, has a full communion with Him. Only through the fall, amplified later by personal sins, appeared the split between thought, word and deed in people's lives. Word is a tool of communication and a means of establishing the communion between people. The need for communication and communion is therefore a fundamental human need. We communicate increasingly and more performant, but we are less and less in communion, we speak and listen more and more, but we send and receive less and less, we listen but we do not hear, we look but we do not see. Truly, the word is as a milestone in our spiritual becoming. With a good word we can turn a man from the jaws of death, but a bad word, spoken in a critical moment, indifferent or malevolent, can throw him to despair. The man has the duty to utter the spiritual words, words with a positive and formative content, witch build and edify, enlighten and save.