The first book of Biblical Hermeneutics written in the West (380 AD) has the signature of a Christian Donatist from the African environment. Tyconius’ name remained in the history of Biblical Hermeneutics strictly related to the comment that was dedicated to him by Saint Augustine in De doctrina christiana (III, 30-37), subsequently assumed also by the Medieval exegesis. The original book, written by Tyconius in Latin, was published only at the end of 19th century, due to the endeavour of the English researcher F.C. Burkitt, interested especially in the restoration of the Latin Scripture. The first complete translation into a modern language – an English version of W.S. Babcock – dates from 1989, while the studies of the tyconian hermeneutical precepts are still in progress. Our study aims to take a first step in the reception and analysis of the Tyconius’ hermeneutics in Romanian culture.